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       Thank you for visiting Touch of Grace Massage Therapy, and On-Site Chair Massage. We are dedicated to making you feel your best with therapeutic table massage, as well as a traveling on-site chair massage for businesses, events, and senior living facilities-- throughout San Diego, Riverside, and Orange County.  

        I take great pride in my dedication to empower my clients to relax, de-stress, and become the best you can be...  


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YogaYoga:  Yoga is the union of body, mind, and spirit.  We offer classes with certified instructors in a business setting, or privately-- to give students tools to  relax the body and mind. 
Reiki HealingReiki:   A Japanese modality which means Universal Life Energy. According to this philosophy we have a physical body and an energetic body layered outside the body. Illness, disease, and pain can be addressed utilizing ones'  'ki' (life force) to promote balance, wellness, and healing among the body's system.


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