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Investing in massage is an investment in your health!  


Swedish, Deep-Tissue, Thai-Combo

      I offer a therapeutic massage in a serene office setting with natural lotions and oils;  incorporating Thai-style stretches, deep-tissue, pressure points, energy balancing and Reiki, according to the clients needs. 

    60 minute: $60.00

     75 minute: $70.00 (recommended)

     90 minute: $80.00 


On-Site-Chair Massage:

       A brief stress-reducing massage performed in a comfortable supportive chair, specifically designed for massage. The chair can be set up and dismantled quickly and in almost any location! we can accommodate small and large venues.

$80.00/ 60 minutes;  plus travel stipend
{2 Hour Minimum}

          Massage Services and Rates     

 Traditional Reiki Session

     --Translated as "Universal Energy"...we utilize the energy of the universe to balance the bodies complex systems....

60 minute: $60.00

90 minute (recommended): $80.00

 Private Classical Yoga

We will assist you in breathing exercises, light yoga poses, and relaxation techniques; beneficial for adrenals, thyroid, increased circulation, strengthening the heart and lungs --and  overall stress reduction and relaxation.

 60 minutes: $70.00/ (private)

1 1/2 hours: $100.00/ (class) 


 * Young Living Essential oil to any treatments --$10.00

* Warm Stone to any Massage--$15.00  

{Warm stone offers a spa like experience which elicits deep relaxation immediately by penetrating through the layers of muscle. Circulation increases as muscle relax, toxins get flushed away while nutrients flow back to the muscles tissues aiding in more release of tension and pain.

If a client has issues with inflammation, cold and warm stone may be alternated. The stone on the body is a grounding and delightful experience}.

*30 minute reflexology:  $30.00

*30 minute Rose Petal Facial: $30.00












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